Jagermeister Manifest 1L

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Jagermeister Manifest Herbal Liqueur is meticulously crafted from the essence of exquisite German wheat. It maintains the initial infusion of 56 herbs, roots, and spices that define the original J├Ągermeister Herbal Liqueur. The underlying foundation remains distinctly rooted in the J├Ągermeister heritage, offering a nuanced interplay of gentle spice, aromatic bitters, and concluding with delicate hints of vanilla and subtle oak nuances. Best enjoyed over ice as a sipping shot, or alternatively, paired with fresh lemon juice and soda water to create a refreshing Manifest Highball. Manifest embodies a rich, full-bodied symphony of flavors. Subtle sweetness akin to anise and dried fruit evolves into understated spice and aromatic bitters, culminating in a harmonious union of vanilla and barrel oak.

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Jagermeister Manifest Herbal Liqueur 1Ll content of 8%. Its sweetness lends it to be savored solo or employed as a complementary mixer.

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