Imperial Blue 750 ML

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Buy Imperial Blue Whisky 750ml online in Nairobi and get it delivered within two hours between Monday to  Saturday from 10.00 am to  6.00 PM. Imperial Blue Whisky is a popular Blend Whisky from India mostly taken during special occasions. Imperial Blue Whisky 750ml contains 42.8% alcohol.

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Imperial Blue Whisky, hailing from Pernod Ricard India, stands as a prominent Indian whisky brand.

Revered as one of the most favored and extensively consumed whiskies in India, Imperial Blue emerges as a blended whisky, crafted by harmoniously uniting diverse whiskies sourced from various distilleries. This blend predominantly consists of Indian grain spirits complemented by imported Scotch malts.

Renowned for its velvety and gentle flavor profile, Imperial Blue achieves this through a distinctive process of blending and maturation.

The whisky undergoes aging within oak barrels, infusing it with a robust and woody essence that contributes to both its flavor and aroma. Notably, its distinct blue bottle has become an iconic symbol associated with the brand.

Imperial Blue can be relished either straight or over ice, and it also harmonizes well when mixed with soda or water.

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