Haymans London Gin 750ML

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To create our Sloe Gin we gently infuse wild harvested English Sloe berries in our beautifully balanced London Dry Gin. The process, another of our Hayman’s long-standing family recipes, takes 3-4 months before the infusion is blended with natural sugars. The result is plummy aromas, hints of almond and frangipane and delicious fruity notes – it’s not too sweet, not too tart and you can still taste our gin!


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Delight in the time-honored craft of Haymans London Gin, where heritage and innovation converge to create an exceptional libation. In crafting our Sloe Gin, we embrace a centuries-old tradition, gently infusing wild-harvested English Sloe berries into our beautifully balanced London Dry Gin. This meticulous process, a cherished family recipe passed down through generations, spans 3-4 months. During this period, the infusion harmoniously melds with natural sugars, resulting in an exquisite elixir.


  1. served cool


Store In A Cool Dry Place

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